Aquaculture currently accounts for 50% of the total global seafood supply. It is the world’s fastest growing food industry. It carries on its shoulders the responsibility of feeding a rapidly growing population. Meanwhile, the manifold increase in seafood consumption, worldwide, is putting tremendous pressure on wild fish stock due to overfishing. So, in a way, aquaculture also has a key role to play in easing the pressure on wild fish species by revving up fish production.

In other words, it means aquaculture should embrace the culture of sustainability and longevity. Innovation and technology, of course, aid sustainable aquaculture. But, as a seafood connoisseur and a person who roots for clean and safe environment, you can also augment aquaculture’s sustainability. Wonder how? Then, let me explain a bit. As you already know, half the fish we eat come from farms. So, your personal food choices most certainly will make an impact on the environment – either positive or negative. For instance, if your food choice is environmentally-responsible, it will guarantee the future of sustainable agriculture and fisheries.

In other words, it means, as a seafood consumer, if you demand that you must know the source of the food on your plate, then an action of that kind would alter the way food is grown, manufactured and processed peremptorily. Make it known to the world that your food choice is intelligent. Let it be known that you only eat from sustainable sources. Let those serving the food know that you are concerned about the fish you eat, how it is raised, how it is caught and by consuming the same you are not damaging the environment around you.

Trust me. The power is within you. As a discernible consumer if you make an informed decision on the food you want to eat, it will encourage the supermarkets and restaurants to stock fish that are healthy and sustainable. As experts opine there are many ways to create sustainable aquaculture. But, let me remind you, all those measures would become useless, unless you want to secure the future of our oceans and seafood. Mahatma Gandhi famously said once: Be the change you want to see in the world. So, it is time you changed.

It is time you demanded the source of your food and its entire back history so that it does not hurt either your stomach or psyche at a later stage! That is one way of ushering in the culture of sustainability to create a better world – a world that healthy, safe and stable.

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