Sustainable aquaculture is the future. But, without technology, it can only go thus far. It is true every country needs technologies that suit their terrain.  For instance, technology that suits Australia may not be suitable to the fishing farms in India. But, no matter, where the fishing farms are located, they cannot hope to grow if they are to shy away from embracing newer technologies. The latest news comes from China where telecom equipment giant Huawei is bringing 5G technology to offshore aquaculture.

The fishing farms in China are going 5G to attract tourists and also to meet the government goals of increasing output.  Rongcheng this week unveiled China’s first 5G fish farm.  The farm equipped with real-time camera technology allows visitors a 3D experience of underwater life. It is not the first time Huawei is foraying into seafood. It had been advising China’s aquaculture sector to improve the efficiency and profitability of feeding stocks.  Besides, the telecom major has also extended its solar fusion and solar-fish-complementarity networking services.

These services manage electricity generation from solar panels installed in aquaculture facilities and feed and water circulation. Interestingly, Rocheng has already explored aquaculture’s tourism potential by organizing boat trips to aquaculture farms. Tourists during these trips to get feed the fish and for an extra fee catch the fish themselves. Rocheng claims, its leisure fishing activities generated revenue to the tune of US$ 362 million last year. Buoyed by the success, it is now working to build nine leisure fishing platforms.

Don’t we have a lesson to learn here?  The technologies including the solar fusion and solar-fish-complimentarily can be used in our fishing farms too, because, though many other things are lacking, fortunately, there is no dearth for sunlight in our country! As for leisure fishing, it is already happening in our country in a small way.  But, it is not being promoted professionally keeping in mind the India’s tourism industry which has witnessed rapid growth in the recent years.

So, the bottom line is clear.  One, you are not going get a lot of fish if you are keep off technology.  Two, aquaculture besides fish also needs to hook tourists to sustain on its own.  They say man does not live by bread alone.  Same way, aquaculture cannot live by fish alone.

The sooner we realize this, the better for everyone.

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